The Three C's


The Three C's

  • Creativity
  • Craftsmanship
  • Cost


  • Design; never ending and never compromising. CASTELLO Home has all the state of the art equipment and design team members.


  • 1935; with generations of dedicated textile craftsman. We take extreme pride in making sure every item produced by CASTELLO Home is made to perfection and quality is never a compromise. State of the art looms, design, finishing and customer service is what CASTELLO Home and all the generations believe in.


  • If someone says that cost is not an issue then there is something to be concerned about. At CASTELLO Home we believe that in order to give our customer what they truly want "Cost" must be a factor, just not a deciding factor in the finished product. The factor must be combined with the cost in Creativity, Craftsmanship and the final Consumer Cost.

The Three C's are the backbone of this company.

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